Why Choose Real Fraser Fir?

  • Our Trees are RENEWABLE: For every real Fraser Fir we harvest, 3 seedlings are planted back in its place.
  • Our Trees are CLEAN: Our trees provide oxygen for us to breathe, a large field of fraser firs can produce enough oxygen for 100s of people.  They are an important natural and renewable resource.
  • Our Trees are BIODEGRADABLE:  Fake trees can take centuries to completely decompose.  Real trees are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.  Used christmas trees can be collected and used for mulch or just left to naturally decompose without any harmful effects on the environment. 
  • Our Trees are LOCALLY Grown and Harvested:  Fake trees are almost always manufactured over seas in plastics factories that pollute the environment. Real christmas trees are grown here and support local economies and families by providing jobs as well as a renewable resource.